Our Team

Billie Wells – President & CEO
Having been a part of the entertainment industry since I was six years old, my company offers a premium service based upon our unique perspective: that of both performer and the agent. Wells Entertainment is the best of both worlds in a full-service talent agency.

We work with you to fashion tailor-made entertainment solutions that meet your entire event needs with spectacular results.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the industries finest talent; from headlining vocalists, to comedians, variety acts, impressionists and casino nights.

Wells Entertainment works easily within budget, for clients as diverse as multi-national corporations, country clubs, cruise ships, condominium associations and private parties.

Maggie Leonard-Kerrigan – Sales Associate

Maggie has been in the entertainment business on the technical side for the
last 20 years. Former owner operator of F.L.A. Sound Systems, Inc.
Her knowledge of the venues and acts enables her to be an effective member of the Wells Entertainment group.

Joseph Rykert – Booking Representative
California Office
Velma Ebron – Talent Coordinator
With three decades of experience, Velma heads up the branch of Wells Entertainment that takes care of everything from infomercials, commercials, print, and even television and film work.
John DiLorenzo – Technical Director
With over 50 years in the entertainment industry as a performer since 13 and touring musician from 1973-1980 and still entertaining! I moved to Florida in 1990 to open a music store catering to all the local musicians and founded All On-Stage Productions in 2006. All On-Stage is the vendor for many of the cities in the tri-county area providing sound, stage, and lighting.I am now using my extensive knowledge of production to advance riders, and act as liaison between venue and artist to ensure that the artist gets the essentials they need to deliver the best show possible with the club getting the best value.