Crystal Visions: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

An Amazing Tribute to the Most Enigmatic Band of our time, Fleetwood Mac and the sweetheart of Rock, Stevie Nicks. Fleetwood Mac lead a generation of classic rock lovers on an amazing mystical musical journey spanning almost 5 decades.
With the onset of The Fleetwood Mac “On With The Show Tour” in 2014, and a new 2018 tour looming on the horizon, & Christine McVie re- joining the band, the emergence of an epic Fleetwood Mac Tribute like “Crystal Visions of Fleetwood Mac” is even more poignant. This musical tribute captures the vibe, the sound, and spirit of an epic rock band that is still in high demand today.
The harmonies in Crystal Visions of Fleetwood Mac tribute are unmatched. Their semi acoustic rendition of SAY YOU LOVE ME WITH its harmonic convergence of vocals made the remake of the hit in THE DANCE version epically popular and wow Dreams audiences every time. In the songs “Landslide” and “BIG LOVE,” guitarist Martin Hand, skillfully replicates the fast finger picking arpeggio style playing that made the 1997 version as on the David Letterman Show popular.