There are dozens of part-time Beatle cover bands in an over-saturated cover scene. Many claim to be “The Best Beatles Tribute band” or “The Number One Beatles Tribute Band.” Any cover band can recite Beatles songs, so it is fair to ask: What separates The Beatlemaniacs from the rest?

The key is energy and repetition. The Beatlemaniacs have been touring worldwide in concert halls, small venues, casinos, theatres and cruise ships for over 13 yrs. The Beatles toured for roughly five years; their shows only ran 20-30 minutes, so The Beatlemaniacs have performed these songs more than The Beatles themselves–and it reflects in their live performances. The Beatlemaniacs do not tire or skip any details in producing a show with no liberties in reproducing the look and sound of the ‘Fab Four.’ Musically, the fine details come down to the talent of the individual members and chemistry within the group. Energetic and youthful, The Beatlemaniacs polish the sounds of the original Beatles recordings into a performance that delivers the genuine energy of a real live Beatles experience. Most recently, Mark Staycer of  The Beatlemaniacs starred in the John Lennon movie “Let Him Be,” which has been featured at numerous film festivals around the world.