Client Testimonials

“.. Phenomenal show! The shows just keep getting better and better!..” -Deb (Valencia Cove Resident on Amore4Ever)

“The Show tonight was beyond fantastic!!!! Thanks to all who were on the committee last year and chose them.”-Judy (Valencia Cove Resident on Amore4Ever)

“I wanted to share with you what a GREAT night that took place on Saturday because of you!  Danny was a dream and the resident’s just loved him….and of course Bruce is always a huge hit. I am very happy we kicked off our season with you all at Wells Entertainment! Always the professionals!”

-Nancy Barlow, LCAM (Property Manager, Ponte Vecchio West)

“The Unreachable Stars performed theatre musical magic at our HOA on Sunday night. The group, led by Jeremy Stolle, was engaging, energetic, and exciting singing their own renditions of popular Broadway and pop tunes. Each member was featured in solo and duet performances as well as together with the four-person ensemble. It was a perfect show to close our Winter Series.”
-Steven Nussbaum (Valencia Shores)

“Amore4Ever is an attraction that is the finest of this genre that I have encountered anywhere. I highly recommend it for any kind of audience and venue that showcases wonderful singer-actors and music that is varied and popular for patrons who enjoy the American Songbook and Broadway.
We had such a fantastic reaction from a varied age audience, and I feel that there are far too few attractions that can fill the qualifications that my audiences demand as this show.
Jan McArt, Director of Theatre Arts – (The Wold Performing Arts Center at Lynn University)

“Loved it! Great season opener. Voices were superb with great audience interaction. LOved the mix or older and current show tunes. Jeremy, heather, and Joseph are a great team – their voices blend so well together. They rocked our 1750 sold out house!” – Thomas Souders (Lansdale Community Concerts)

And the crowd went wild……   DIVAS 3 was outstanding and it was truly one of the best matinee shows here in the past 5 years (or since I started).   The vocal arrangements were superb and the ladies brought down the house with their vocals.  From song selection to their cute onstage banter, the show was ideal for our older audience.   The live band was excellent, too and it was nice to have a matinee show with live music and not tracks.” Cynthia Garren (Alan Jay Wildstein Center)

“Thank you for a wonderful, and very polished show! The Company Men delivered with great harmonies, sharp, well-executed choreography that was both impressive and fast-paced. We are looking forward to the Company Men’s repeat performance this Sunday night, and I might add with confidence, that I am certain that our audience will enjoy every minute of this performance!” Claudia Genteel, (Township Center for the Performing Arts)

“Our entertainment guru, Ms. Mary Rudnick, advised we we’re going to have a terrific show Saturday night and she was right big time. If you missed it, you missed one of the best shows ever at Huntington Pointe. The four singers and all 3 band members were terrific.” (Huntington Pointe)

“Illusions & Beyond were a great way to end our season! Justino and Daniella are amazing!
Wendy Gordon (Villa Borghese)

“Billie, the accolades we are receiving are are fantastic. Having Andrew step in with Jeremy was perfect!”
Hedy Gordon (Valencia Shores)

“I want to THANK YOU for a wonderful SHOW on Saturday Night with Martin Dube! We ended our Winter Series on a very HIGH NOTE with the entire audience on their feet singing and dancing and let me tell you I have a tough crowd here. I told Martin he will be considered one of our BEST SHOWS , I’m hearing great applauds today for such a wonderful program.” -Lisa Downey (Pontevecchio)

“Don Gavin had the sold out crowd in the palm of his hands from the moment he started. Laughter was continuous and amazing No One left!”
Hedy Gordon (Valencia Shores)

Earlier this month your efforts brought us The Unreachable Stars starring Broadway’s Phantom: Jeremy Stolle, and my audiences are still talking about that show as well! -Claudia Genteel (Township Center for the Performing Arts)

We enjoyed every minute. She is first class. Her voice is fantastic, her stage presence great, and her choice of songs were right on the button and varied.”
-Gloria Fine (Palm Isles)

“What can I say – Martin Dube was absolutely fantastic..the crowd just ate him up!!!!”
-Elaine Boderman (Aberdeen Country Club)

“Just to thank you and tell you that John Capes was absolutely incredible. He is among the nicest people I have met. A truly fabulous show. I know we had to wait a year for him but boy was he worth the wait! Of course he had standing ovations from the entire audience.”
– Noami Greenberg (Lakeridge Greens)

“I have been receiving many accolades regarding the Flashback Four. It was a super show with lots of audience participation, which our residents really enjoy. The personalities of the group help to make it so much fun, the pace of the show kept everyone in a happy mood. The whole series was truly successful!”
Arlene Koch (Majestic Isles)

You outdid yourself by choosing this outstanding showcase to come to Monmouth University.  It is my hope they will return to Monmouth.  Their talent—individually and collectively—is extraordinary.  At times, some of the notes they reached simply took our breath away.”
-Monmouth University

“What was especially intriguing and moving was to listen to the segment when each performer told their personal story.  Prior to this they exuded warmth.  However, after they had their one-on-one time with the audience, a bond developed.
-Monmouth University

Tito brought the Orchid House down last night!!  Clients were over the moon. You delivered excellence and we appreciate your entire team for an extraordinary experience.
-J Rothberg (The Orchid House)

“Dunlap and Pennington were a HIT!!! There are not enough superlatives to describe them.  Thank you so much for working with us on this show.  We could not be happier!!!”
-Todd Brand (Meridian College, MS)