Shirley Reeves (Former Lead Singer of The Shirelles)

The Shirelles were the first all-girl group of the rock ‘n’ roll era to score a Number One record. Beginning in 1958 as schoolgirls in Passaic, New Jersey, The Shirelles quickly became rock ‘n’ roll’s first female supergroup and were the inspirations for a legion of female groups that followed.

Universally credited as the originators of the “Girl Group Sound” that is so beloved by the Baby Boomer Generation, their long string of hits includes “Soldier Boy,” “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” “Dedicated To The One I Love,” “Mama Said” and so many others, which have been recorded by hundreds of artists, including The Beatles, Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton & The Yardbirds, The Mamas & the Papas, Bernadette Peters and Smokey Robinson.

Few performers can truly be called trendsetters, fewer still can sustain a high-visibility presence in the pop culture consciousness for over 40 years. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame members The Shirelles have done these things…and more. They have earned their exalted place in modern musical history.