The Mystics

The Mystics began in Brooklyn, N.Y. in the late ‘50s singing the “Doo Wop” songs that were popular back then. Originally known as The Overons, they signed with Laurie Records and recorded their major hit “Hushabye.” In addition to their own hit records, they provided vocal back-up for several other artists, including Connie Francis on her 1959 release “Tommy.” They appeared on several TV shows in the ‘50s and ‘60s including the Clay Cole Show, Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, Alan Freed’s Big Beat Show and Jim Gallant’s Bandstand.

Although they broke up for a time, the growing nostalgia boom of the early ‘70s resulted in new demands for their performances. An appearance in an episode devoted to Doo Wop music on the PBS series “Soundstage” allowed them to reach a new audience and left an impression among doo wop enthusiasts that lingers still and led to the strength of their comeback.