Pure Heart

The Pure Heart band hails from south Florida and features six seasoned professionals performing the timeless classics of the band Heart, led by Hall of Fame artists and sisters Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson. The band tributes it’s success to the music and powerful hits of Heart, that spans generations! All of the music is played and sung very authentically, in true homage to Heart! Barracuda, Dreamboat Annie, Alone, These Dreams, Magic Man, Love Alive, Crazy On You and more! Additionally Pure Heart adds some of the favorites Heart chose to remake, including Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin and Love, Reign O’er Me by The Who.

The band showcases the powerhouse vocals of Tiffany Tyre who can belt out the power hits, or sweetly deliver the softer songs, just like her all time favorite singer Ann Wilson! The band also features vocalist, guitarist Robyn Fear who is a natural covering guitar parts, harmony vocals and Nancy’s signature moves. Band leader Mylo Anthony covers bass and additional harmony vocals, Brad Saunders handles piano and keyboard work, Tom Hall plays lead guitar, keys and harmony vocals, and Tige Bucchino keeps the beat rocking on drums. Each musician is outstanding and accomplished and the harmony vocals are supreme.