Jeff Laub

Jeff Laub is a funny guy.  Some people are tall.  Some people are brilliant.  Some people are beautiful. And some people are naturally funny.  It’s what you are.  It’s what you do.  Lebron dunks, Martha cooks and Jeff Laub makes people laugh.

Jeff is a professional comedian, writer, producer and creative consultant. He’s opened for such stars as Oscar winner Joel Grey, Tony Orlando, Lou Rawls, Hal Linden, Lucy Arnaz, Sally Kellerman and other stars of stage and screen.

His Masters in Speech & Theater and Television Production landed him the best job of his life – working as a Page on the Dick Cavett Show. He soon moved into the game show business, working his way up to Writer and Producer on such shows as “Three On a Match,” “Winning Streak,” “Shoot For the Stars” and the Emmy Award winning “10,000 Pyramid” starring Dick Clark.  The Corporate world beckoned, and soon Jeff became the Number One writer and outside creative consultant for Pepsi-Cola, writing and producing hundreds of speeches, roasts, song parodies and multi-media presentations for sales meetings and bottler conventions all over the U.S. for over 12 years.  But he was tired and New York was cold.  He really had no choice, did he?  Brooklyn…to Long Island…to Florida.  That’s the Appalachian Trail for Jews and Italians.

One of Jeff’s key strengths is his versatility and skill in adapting his style and material to any audience setting.  With his razor sharp wit and ad-libbing ability, he’s received rave reviews whether he’s performing his “R” rated late night comedy club shows or headlining for 2000 senior citizens at an adult retirement community.  Hopefully, you’ll have a chance to catch Jeff’s act soon.  But don’t wait too long.  He hasn’t totally given up on that dental career.